Lionel Weiss' photographs of geologists in Switzerland

Just before I left for California in the autumn of 1954, Lionel Weiss, Paul Gilmour, & Bill Brown came with me to Switzerland in my van so that I could share what I had learned about the structure of the Alps.

Bill and Paul were then students. After graduation from Edinburgh, Bill continued in academic work and became Professor of Geology at the University of Nancy, France. He is an authority on feldspars minerals.

After Paul's graduation, Professor Holmes appointed him Assistant in the Geology Department. Besides Professor Holmes, then Regius Professor, the Edinburgh Department consisted of only three Lecturers, one Assistant, and two or three technicians whose main duties were making petrographic thin-sections. After graduation Paul went to Arizona where he has been a successful economic geologist specialising in copper ores.

I had met Lionel in 1952 at Berkeley, where he was then a Commonwealth Fellow. We shared many interests in structural geology and we published jointly. I easily persuaded Professor Holmes to invite Lionel to Edinburgh as an Honorary Fellow and in 1953 Lionel joined me in Edinburgh. When I left for California at the end of the summer of 1954, Holmes offered Lionel the position that I vacated. Lionel, however, wisely decided to continue in full-time research. After Lionel received his Edinburgh D.Sc., I invited him to join me in Pomona, however he rightly accepted Frank Turner's offer of a position at the University of California, Berkeley. Lionel continued his important work on structural geology, often publishing jointly with Frank Turner (whose obituary he wrote): see especially Structural Analysis of Metamorphic Tectonites, McGraw-Hill, 1963, 545p (jointly with F.J. Turner).

Lionel's The Minor Structures of Deformed Rocks: A Photographic Atlas (Springer, 1972, 431p.)shows that Lionel is a skilled photographer. He recently sent me a few prints of photographs taken on field trips we took together in the Alps, the Scottish Highlands, and Baja California. They capture the spirit of our joint enterprises.

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Switzerland 1954

Photographs by Lionel E. Weiss

1. 2. 3. 4.
Neuchâtel, 1954.
Donald McIntyre.
Jura Mountains
Piping for the children
Jura Mountains
Donald McIntyre
& Paul Gilmour
with children in the Jura
5. 6. 7.
en route from Ardon to Anzeindaz.

The Diablerets nappe over the Morcles nappe
Lunch en route to Anzeindaz

Bill Brown,
Lionel Weiss,
Paul Gilmour,
and DBM (with hat & brisago)
Donald McIntyre gazing with awe and admiration at Argand's "pli en retour" under the Grand St Bernard nappe.

The south face of the Michabel from the Weissmies

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