Donald B. McIntyre

Biographical Data

Born: August 15, 1923, Edinburgh, Scotland


1945 Edinburgh, B.Sc. (First Class Honors), Geology

1947 Edinburgh, Ph.D., Geology

1951 Edinburgh, D.Sc., Geology

1993 Pomona College, D.Sc. Hon.


1945 Dewar Crystallography Laboratory, Edinburgh. With C. A. Beevers: Structure of fluor-apatite and its relation to that of tooth and bone material.

1945-1947 Carnegie Research Fellowship, Edinburgh. Working with Professor Arthur Holmes: Origin of granite.

1947-48 Cross Research Fellowship, Neuchatel. Working with Professor E. Wegmann: Alpine Tectonics and the study of basement complexes. Also with Professor Max Reinhard, Basel: Optical identification of plagioclase.

1948 Lectured at the Neuchâtel Society of Natural Sciences and at the University of Lausanne.

1948 Invited speaker, French Association for the Advancement of Science, Geneva.

1948-1951 Lecturer in Economic Geology, Edinburgh.

1950 Invited speaker, Geologische Vereinigung, Bonn. Meeting in honor of Professor Bruno Sander, Innsbruck.

1951 Daniel Pigeon Award, Geological Society of London.

1951 Local Secretary, Geology, for the Edinburgh Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

1951-1954 Lecturer in Petrology, Edinburgh.

1952 Fulbright Award. Research Associate, University of California at Berkeley. Working with Professor F. J. Turner on Deformation of calcite crystals.

1954-1957 Associate Professor of Geology, Pomona College.

1955-1984 Chairman, Geology Department, Pomona College.

1956 Banquet Address, Geological Society of America (Cordilleran Section), and Seismological Society of America. Reno, Nevada.

1957-1989 Professor of Geology, Pomona College.

1957 Addressed the History of Science Club, University of California at Berkeley

1958 Research Associate, The Dominion Observatory, Ottawa. Seismic first-motion; gravity studies of Canadian Shield; impact metamorphism.

1960 Participated in Summer Conference on "Stratigraphy and Structure of the Appalachians", Bryn Mawr College, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

1961 Banquet Address, Geological Society of America (Cordilleran Section), Paleontological Society, and Seismological Society of America, San Diego, California.

1961 Presented a paper on "A General Program for Analysis of Variance Suitable for a Small Computer" at the Fourth Annual Technical Symposium, Association for Computing Machinery, Santa Monica, California.

1962 Wig Distinguished Professorship, Pomona College.

1962 Participated in the GeoStudy Program, American Geological Institute, visiting the University of Illinois, Ohio State University, the University of Kentucky, and Earlham College.

1963 Taught a class in computer programming (Fortran and Assembler) attended by members of the faculty and administration, including staff of the Library and the Business Office.

1963 Invited participant in the first conference on Computer Utilization in Geology, sponsored by the National Academy of Science and the National Research Council. Pomona College and Stanford University were the only academic institutions west of the Mississippi to be represented.

1963 Presented a paper on "The use of a high-speed computer in light-element analysis by X-ray fluorescence", 2nd National Meeting of the Society of Applied Spectroscopy.

1964 Harold W. Hoots Lecturer, Stanford University.

1964 Invited lecture at the Operations Research conference, National Meeting, American Institute of Mining Engineers, New York.

1964 Advisor to Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum, American Mathematical Association.

1964 & 1965 Taught a Summer Institute on analytical techniques, design of sampling plans, and the statistical analysis of geochemical data.

1964-1984 Chairman of Computer Committee or Director, Computer Center, Pomona College. Responsible for installation of IBM System 360 (1965); IBM 4331 (1979); IBM 4341 (1981).

1966 Sigma-Xi Lecturer, University of Wyoming.

1967 Invited speaker at Colloquium on Trend Surface Analysis, University of Kansas.

1968 Sigma-Xi National Lecturer on X-ray Fluorescence( South West Tour.

1969 Invited speaker at the International Symposium on Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences, University of Kansas.

1969 Invited speaker at Short Course on Models of Geologic Processes, American Geological Institute, Philadelphia.

1969-70 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, Edinburgh: The Rise of Scottish Geology.

1969 Gave a course of lectures on Computer Applications in Geology at the Geology Department, Edinburgh University. Spoke also at the Computer Science Departments, Universities of Edinburgh and St. Andrews, and at the Geology Departments, Universities of Aberdeen, Liverpool.

1969 Swiney Lecturer (British Museum), Edinburgh: Computers and Geology.

1969 Lecturer, Short Course, American Geological Institute: Computers and Geology.

1969 Matthew Vassar Distinguished Lectureship, Vassar College: APL ( An algebra for exposition.

1969-1970 Chairman, Committee on Honorary Fellows, Geological Society of America.

1970 Conducted a workshop on Computer Applications on Geology at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland.

1970 Lectured to the Shell Research Group, The Hague.

1970 Royal Society of Edinburgh: Invited lecture on "The Significance of the Rare Event in Geology".

1971 Swiney Lecturer (British Museum), Edinburgh. Keynote address at Centenary Celebrations for Chair of Geology at Edinburgh.

1971 Banquet Address, Pacific Section, National Association of Geology Teachers, Las Vegas, Nevada.

1971 Consultant to APL Group, IBM Scientific Center, Philadelphia.

1974 First Annual Francis Bacon Lecture, Claremont Colleges.

1974-76 Chairman, Committee on Publications, Geological Society of America.

1975 Banquet Address, Cordilleran Section, Geological Society of America, Los Angeles.

1975-89 Member of American Geological Institute's Advisory Committee on GeoRef (Computer bibliographic database).

1977 Invited speaker at Bicentennial Conference on David Hume and Adam Smith, Cornell University, New York

1977-78 Distinguished Lecturer, National Tour, American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Plate tectonics: Evolution or Revolution in Geological Thought?

1978 Sixth Alexander Winchell Distinguished Lecturer, University of Syracuse, New York.

1978 Wig Distinguished Professorship, Pomona College.

1978 Publication of "The Lost Drawings for James Hutton's Theory of the Earth", Royal Society of Edinburgh and Geological Society of London.

1978 Two invited papers at the International APL Users Conference, Toronto.

1979 President of the Society of the Sigma Xi of the Claremont Colleges.

1979 Banquet Address at Faculty-Trustee Retreat, Whittier College, California.

1980 Invited paper at the International APL Users Conference, Toronto.

1980 Banquet Address at Mandeville Conference, Liberty Foundation, California Institute of Technology.

1980 Consultant on Computer Applications, Xerox Corporation, Rochester.

1981 Banquet Address, Penrose Conference on the Significance and Petrogenesis of Mylonitic Rocks, Geological Society of America.

1981-1982 Member, Editorial Board, Royal Society of Edinburgh.

1981 Roberts Memorial Lecture at Colorado College.

1981 Invited speaker, Geoscience Information Society, Atlanta.

1981 Lectured for IBM to European Computer Scientists visiting southern California.

1981 Banquet Address at conference on "The Problems and Principles of a Free Society", Claremont McKenna College, California.

1981 Banquet Address at "Colloquium on Economic Liberalism in 19th Century Britain" at the Institute of Humane Studies, Menlo Park, California.

1982 Lectured for IBM to Executives in Higher Education, San Jose, California, and West Palm Beach, Florida.

1982 Lectured to Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association on "Adam Smith's Executors".

1982 Final Speaker, Online 82 Conference, Atlanta.

1983 Keynote speaker: Conference on Computers in Education, Association for Computing Machinery, New York.

1983 Banquet Address: International APL83 Conference, Washington, DC.

1983 Invited speaker on Bibliographic Retrieval at the National Meeting of the Geological Society of America.

1983 Invited speaker on the History of Geology in Edinburgh for the University of Edinburgh, marking the University's Quatercentenary.

1983 Keynote speaker for the Whittier College Faculty-Trustee Retreat.

1984 Lecturer at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, in a series "The Universe and Man" at the invitation of the Vice-President for Research.

1984 Gave short course in APL programming to staff at the IBM Federal Systems Division, Westlake Village.

1985 Chairman, Nominating Committee, History of Geology Division, Geological Society of America.

1985 Appointed National Lecturer for the Association for Computing Machinery.

1985 Spoke at The California Institute of Technology commemorating the Bicentennial of James Hutton's Lecture to the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

1985 Gave courses of lectures and workshops on computing and geology at the State Seismological Bureau, Beijing, the Wuhan College of Geology, Beijing, and the University of Nanjing, China.

1985 Received the medal of the Geological Society of China.

1985 Elected by Council for the Advancement and Support of Education as California College-University Professor of the Year.

1986 Appointed Seaver Professor of Science in the Department of Geology.

1986 Gave a graduate course on computer applications at Wichita State University.

1986 Lectured at the U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia.

1986 Keynote address at Annual Meeting of the Geoscience Information Society, San Antonio, Texas.

1986 Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science "For contributions to the application of computers to earth sciences, particularly in the development and use of bibliographic data bases".

1986 Appointed National Lecturer for the Association for Computing Machinery.

1986 Banquet Address at the 14th Annual Geochautauqua of the International Association of Mathematical Geologists.

1986 Banquet Address at the First Annual Honors Convocation at the University of Idaho.

1986 Elected by Council for the Advancement and Support of Education as one of the ten best Professors in Colleges and Universities in the United States and Canada.

1986 Appointed Distinguished Fellow by Edinburgh University.

1986 Gave an invited address on James Hutton to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, marking the Bicentennial of Hutton's address to the Society.

1986 Invited speaker (two lectures) at the 20th Anniversary of the APL language, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, IBM, Yorktown Heights, New York.

1987 Convocation Address marking the Centennial of Pomona College, CA

1987 Keynote address, West Coast History of Science Society.

1987 Appointed Harold W. Hoots visiting lecturer, Stanford University, for the third time.

1987 Banquet Address, 1987 National Conference, Mathematical Geologists of the United States.

1987 Appointed National Lecturer for the Association for Computing Machinery.

1988 Keynote address, International APL Conference, Sydney, Australia

1988 Appointed to the California Academy of Sciences panel to assess effects on the environment of a major earthquake in California; the study requested by the Senate Office of Research of the State of California.

1988 Gave the John Wesley Powell Lecture to the American Association for the Advancement of Science: "Explorations in Science".

1988 Appointed National Lecturer for the Association for Computing Machinery.

1988 Lecture to the Orange County Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

1988 Gave a computer workshop sponsored by the Physics Department, Los Angeles Community College.

1988 Colloquium speaker, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, Columbia University.

1988 Bruce Heezen Memorial Lecture, New York Academy of Sciences.

1988 Lecture to Geology Department, University of California at Santa Barbara.

1989 Lecture to San Francisco Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

1989 Lecture and computer workshop sponsored by the Karsten Manufacturing Company, Phoenix.

1989 Lecture sponsored by the Industrial Engineering Department, Arizona State University, Phoenix.

1989 Closing address at the International APL89 meeting in New York.

1990 Invited to give the keynote address at a conference on the APL computer language, Capetown, South Africa. Meeting cancelled for political reasons.

1991 Invited paper at APL91 Conference, Stanford, California

1991 Invited paper IBM Systems Journal

1993 ACM Workshop Tour: London, Toronto, Waterloo, Lawrence, Dallas, Phoenix, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Wooster

1994 Received the "Kenneth E. Iverson Award for outstanding contribution to the development and application of APL", ACM SIGAPL, Antwerp, Belgium

1995 Paper at APL95 Conference, San Antonio, Texas

2006 "The Royal Society of Edinburgh, James Hutton, the Clerks of Penicuik and the Igneous Origin of Granite" published as a Supplement to the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Earth Sciences, 97, Suppl.1-Suppl.15, 2008

Memberships at retirement, 1989

Royal Society of Edinburgh, Fellow

California Academy of Sciences, Fellow

New York Academy of Sciences, Member

Geological Society of America, Fellow

Edinburgh Geological Society, Fellow

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow

The Geologists' Association (London), Member

Sigma Xi, Member (National Lecturer)

Member of International Association for Mathematical Geology

National Association of Geology Teachers, Member

Association for Computing Machinery, Member (National Lecturer)

British APL Association, Hon. Life Member


Edinburgh Geological Society Transactions; Glasgow Geological Society Transactions; Mineralogical Magazine; Quarterly Journal of Geological Society of London; Proceedings of the Geologists' Association; American Journal of Science; Bulletin of the Geological Society of America; Journal of Geology; Geological Magazine; American Mineralogist; Advances in X-rays; Geology; Proceedings of the Geoscience Information Society; Shock Metamorphism; Contributions of the Dominion Observatory, Ottawa; and various Conference Proceedings.

Special interests

History of Geology; Use of Computers in Geology; Executable Mathematical Notation; Bibliographic retrieval; Structural Geology; Geochemistry.

For some pertinent background: See Some roots of experimental rock deformation", Hans-Rudolf Wenk, Bulletin de Minéralogie 102 (1979) 195-202.

Present Positions

Honorary Fellow at the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews.

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