A curious error!

I was never interested in "bagging Munros"; i.e. climbing mountains listed by Sir Hugh Munro as separate mountains over 3,000 feet high; but what bothered me 60 years ago was that the SMC's Guide to the Cairngorms asserted that the six highest had twice been climbed in one day, despite the fact that, although undoubtedly higher than Ben Avon, Beinn Mheadhoin was omitted.

In order to correct this error – rather than to create a record – my friend and fellow schoolboy, Ian Baikie, joined me in climbing the seven highest Cairngorms in a day [5 Sept. 1941]. Having gone to the trouble to correct the obvious error, and despite the notice in the SMC's own Journal, both the SMC's Journal and Guide to the Cairngorms surprisingly continue to report without comment that the wrong six have been climbed again!

Extract from: The Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal, vol.22, (1941). p.388-389

The Seven Highest Cairngorms in a Day.

   The seven highest Cairngorms have been climbed on Friday, 5th September of this year [1941] by two of the younger generation of Scottish mountaineers, Mr Donald B. Mclntyre and Mr lan Baikie (both round about eighteen years of age). Comparison may be made with summaries of previous traverses of the six and four highest Cairngorms respectively as recorded in the "Cairngorms Guide." Our young friends have most justifiably added to the six the "separate mountain Munro" Beinn Mheadhoin (3,883 feet), clearly higher than Ben Avon. The start of the expedition was at the Green Loch of Ryvoan where bicycles were left, but a kindly fairy took them across to the Lower Einich Bothy where they were a godsend to the party returning down Coire Dhondail from Cairn Toul the next evening. The first night was spent in an open shed at the Avon bridge near the Allt an t-Sluichd. It will be noted that much time was spent between Ben Avon and Beinn a' Bhuird owing to an adverse conspiracy of darkness, cloud, aneroid, and lack of previous acquaintance with this section of the traverse. The total distance from the Avon to the Einich Bothy is about 30 miles and involves some 10,300 feet of ascent. The expedition lasted from 1 A.M. until 9.5 P.M. (sun times). We are sorry that limitations of space do not permit of printing a fuller account than a mere timetable, but we heartily congratulate the party on their enterprise and achievement. Apart from the clouding of the Eastern Cairngorms during the dark hours the weather was good.

    Leave Avon bridge, 1 A.M.; Ben Avon, 2.50 A.M.; Beinn a' Bhuird, 5.40 A.M.; Beinn Mheadhoin, 9.25 A.M.; Ben Macdhui, 10.50 A.M.: Cairngorm, 1 P.M.; Braeriach, 4.45 P.M.; Cairn Toul. 6.30 P.M.: Lower Bothy Glen Einich. 9.5 P.M.

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